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April/May: Bakhtiary Nomad-Trek

This 12-day tour starts at Aghili in Khuzestan and covers 400 km, taking us on the famous and thrill-seeking Monar Trail of Bakhtiari nomad tribe on to Sard Kuh with an altitude of over 4000 m, which is snow-covered until late summer. After passing this route we arrive at Chelgerd, a settlement with the highest communal living altitude in Iran; here we have reached our final station.
In former times this trail was known as the most treacherous. Places like Baba Ahmad ravine, Monar Cliffs or the Takhte Teraz – one of the highest mountain crossings of the region - every now and then took their toll on humans and animals. Also the crossing of the Shimbar river delta or of the Bazoft River before the melting of the snow asked for a lot of stamina from humans. Nowadays most of the trail is secured and partly even motor able. This makes life for the Nomads much easier and gives us the possibility to cover this stretch without a big risk.
With some luck we could even experience the unique blossom of the Crown Imperial, which is to be seen at the beginning of spring for only a few days at an altitude of 2000 m. Our tour ends after the demanding conquest of Sard Kuh in Chelgerd, the summer pasture of the Bakhtiaris. Having spent the last night by the camp fire under a black tent, we have to say good-bye – hiding tears inside- to our Bakhtiari companions and drive to Isfahan.
In this tour we experience the simple and warm-hearted manner and dignity of the people who are still attached to their old traditions. The space and solitude of the mountainous world leave us with unforgettable impressions and memories.
If in autumn, we do the tour the other way round starting at the point of the Bakhtiaris high summer pastures and head to their winter grassland at the southern edge of the Zagros Mountains in Khuzestan.
Culture Option: Khuzestan -Isfahan - Tehran